What Makes a Wine Organic?

Have you seen the organic wines in the supermarket and read the labels but still wondering what makes a wine organic? We have answers for you. Organic wine is a wine that has been produced using grapes grown in a vineyard that avoids using substances such as pesticides, fertilisers, herbicides and fungicides in line with the principles of organic farming methods. Similarly, the use of preservatives in the production process defines whether a wine is organic or not, but views on this vary in the wine making community. The legal definition of what constitutes an organic wine also differs from one country.

Read more about it in Isabelle Legeron’s book on Natural Wineswhat makes a wine organicThe idea is that farmers will work with nature instead of against it in order to keep their crops healthy and free from disease and bugs. This means that the farmer will focus on helping a vineyard rich in biodiversity thrive with additional cover crops and vegetation to encourage the insects they need. Ultimately the organic vineyard should be a self-regulating, natural ecosystem.

Just as with other organic food and drink, wine is made in an ecologically and more natural way than standard farming and processing methods, however, different equipment and a different philosophy is needed; something that at times can make this wine more time intensive and expensive to produce.

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